Welcome to the Recovery of Goods Centre

The Recovery of Goods Centre is an industry leading service designed to provide finance and leasing providers with a transparent, cost effective solution for recovery of goods.

Our objectives

  • Provide an industry leading price and quality of service.
  • Recover your goods quickly.
  • Recover any shortfall remaining due.

What we cover

  • Recovery of goods that are subject to Regulated and Unregulated Hire Purchase and Lease/Hire Agreements
  • Shortfall Claims.
  • End of Contract Claims.

How we do it

  • Advise you of the best course of action, dependent on your individual needs.
  • Negotiate Voluntary Surrender of the goods where possible.
  • Commence Recovery of Goods legal proceedings and pursue to conclusion.
  • Identify the appropriate means to enforce Judgment and pursue to Conclusion.

Negotiate and manage payment proposals to:

  • clear any arrears pre-termination;
  • under a Suspended Recovery of Goods Order;
  • to repay any shortfall amount; or
  • post-termination hire charges

Key contact

Harry Tumber

+44 (0) 7392 090234

+44 (0) 1293 596905


The recovery process

The recovery of goods

  • Establish contact with the debtor.
  • Encourage voluntary surrender of the vehicle.
  • Where appropriate, Recovery of Goods proceedings taken by experienced and highly trained staff.
  • Proceedings monitored to conclusion.
  • Attempt to obtain a Money Judgment at Court to save costs should a shortfall arise after recovery and sale of the goods.
  • Vehicle recovered/ defleeted and auctioned by one of our carefully selected contractors, upon request.


  • When a Shortfall arises, a Letter Before Action sent within 24 hours of Referral.
  • Attempts made to prompt payment without the need for proceedings, whilst identifying a means to enforce.
  • Payments reviewed and monitored on a regular basis.
  • If payment not received, where Money Judgment not already obtained, convert ROG Order to Monetary Judgment. Enforcement proceedings considered include Attachment of Earnings Order, Charging Order, and Possession Proceedings.

Litigation Support

  • Extensive experience in contentious Litigation.
  • Bulk and bespoke Litigation tailored to your needs.
  • Pursue and collect defended recovery and shortfall cases.
  • Provide complementary risk avoidance training and support.
  • Flexible funding.
  • All provided through a dedicated point of contact.

Insolvency Support

  • Complement our ROG team, ensuring your optimum result in insolvency cases.
  • Provide you with experience and expertise in insolvency matters.
  • In house training on effects of and dealing efficiently with insolvency.
  • Develop a strategy with you maximising your recovery for an actual/ forthcoming insolvency.
  • Investigate fraudulent debtor behaviour.
  • Work with/ against Insolvency Practitioners to maximise net recovery.

Litigation support - Our objectives

Specialist Litigation support for complex matters.

What we do

  • Defended/Counterclaim cases
  • 'Stand alone' claims against you.
  • Disputed shortfall/ End of Contract Claims
  • Disputed excess mileage/ damage claims
  • Unlawful disposals
  • Defended Conversion Claims

How we do it

  • Minimize your costs with flexible CFA funding, blended or capped rates.
  • Experienced staff.
  • Streamlined process and maximise Organisation.

Key contact

John Lovatt

+44 (0) 1293 596942


Ian Price

+44 (0) 1293 596941


Insolvency support - Our objectives

Getting the best recovery for you by practical, cost effective solutions.

What we do

  • Complement our Recovery of Goods team ensuring your optimum result.
  • Provide you with experience and expertise.
  • Develop a strategy with you maximising your recovery for an actual/ forthcoming insolvency.
  • Help you maintain your cash flow by negotiating transfer to a new company where appropriate.
  • Investigate fraudulent debtor behaviour.
  • Work with/ against Insolvency Practitioners to protect your interest.

Case studies

  • Transfer of equipment leasing arrangements: Agreement settled with Administrators and third parties, recovering over $2m from the Administrators.
  • Recovery of vehicles and sums from Administrators: Recovery where sub hirers in possession under Client's main hirer.
  • Recovery of sums wrongfully retained by Administrators: They kept vehicles for use in administration.

Key contact

Gavin Pickering

+44 (0) 1293 596976



Please contact The Recovery Of Goods Centre team on 01293 596999 or visit www.stevensdrake.com

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